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A Women Led Non Profit Organization

Change Associates Ltd (CHANGE) is a women-led non-profit organization committed to work for the empowerment of women and men through training and capacity development. Our journey started from 2010 by Founder and Chairperson – Nazneen C.Huq. Today, CHANGE stands as a unique entity in the development sector. Primarily, we support industries that have female as majority workforce and now our scope of work has extended in the community of these workers. We design and implement workplace and community based programs, develop curriculum, conduct various training and workshop to build a sustainable and healthy business and living environment. CHANGE has currently been given ED (Equivalency Determination) by the NGOsource.

Project Design & Implementation 86%
Capacity Development 95%
Training 100%
Curriculum Development 80%


Improving the state of well-being in workplaces and community through innovative business models, capacity development and awareness raising intervention.


Bringing smile to unhappy faces of Bangladesh and complete the cycle of well being.


Integrity and Excellence are at our core. We remain true to our mission and work hard to provide high quality services and strategies.

We are Recognized by NGOsource

What is NGOsource?

NGOsource, a project of the Council on Foundations and TechSoup, helps U.S. grantmakers streamline their international giving. NGOsource simplifies the task of evaluating whether a non-U.S. organization is the equivalent of a U.S. public charity — a process known as equivalency determination or ED.

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What We Do

Our Areas of Work


Enhancing knowledge and changing behavior of women and men at workplace and community.


Empowering women and men through financial planning for a sustainable future


Reducing violence against women caused by gender norms and social inequality between men and women through holistic approach


Creating business models to create access to quality products, design curriculum and implement workplace and community based programs
Our Projects
Strengthening Workers’ Access to Pertinent Nutrition Opportunities (SWAPNO)

Strengthening Workers’ Access to Pertinent Nutrition Opportunities (SWAPNO)

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Improving Nutrition Status of Female RMG Workers and their Children

Improving Nutrition Status of Female RMG Workers and their Children

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Worker Nutrition Training Project

Worker Nutrition Training Project

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At CHANGE, team members focus on a ‘WE’ philosophy that include creating remarkable experiences within the organization and with stakeholders.

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গণপরিবহনে প্রতিদিন বিভীষিকা

দৃশ্য ১: ঢাকার একটি পাবলিক বাসে নারী, শিশু ও বৃদ্ধদের জন্য সংরক্ষিত ৯ টি আসনের তিনটিতেই বসে আছেন সামর্থ্যবান তিনজন পুরুষ, পাশে দাঁড়িয়ে আছে পরে বাসে ওঠা কলেজের ইউনিফর্ম পড়া এক কিশোরী , কাঁধে বইখাতা বোঝাই ভারী একটা ব্যাগ। কিশোরী: ভাইয়া, এই সিটগুলো তো রিজার্ভড , একজন উঠবেন প্লিজ? সিটে বসা একজন পুরুষ: ক্যান? আরো…

The Key to a Good Relationship

Tasnova Rahman from Change Associates in Bangladesh sharing a few lessons in life Do not be misled! I am not a love guru. But after some years of working on a range of content, concepts, and resources combined with delightful experiences post marriage, I have learned a few lessons that I thought I wanted to…

An abuser – then and now

Shakib Khan used to be an abuser at home. He had a bad reputation in his own family. He thought it was fun teasing girls in the street with his friends. He had no idea that that he was doing all kinds of violence till he attended HERrespect training. He realized how his reputation and…

Out of shell

Shahin Islam is one of the regular male worker trainees of a Bangladesh garment factory. From the very first training he was an attentive participant but he was very shy. During training 5, he started talking and sharing his experience about life in family as well as factory after HERrespect training. He confessed that he…

Dealing with anger

HERrespect training has been incredibly useful in my life. At present, I can understand the women’s importance in the family as well as in the factory. I was very ill-tempered and would become angry for simple reason. Nowadays, when I tend to be angry, I remind myself of the training. I have noticed the impact…

স্বাস্থ্য সচেতনতা (কবিতা)

স্বাস্থ্য নিয়ে বলবো কি আর স্বাস্থ্য সুখের মূল, সুস্বাস্থ্যবান যদি হতে চান খাদ্য হোক নির্ভুল। পুষ্টি এবং অনুপুষ্টিযুক্ত খাবার খাই, ভিটামিনযুক্ত খাবার খেলে হবেনা রোগবালাই। শর্করা ও চর্বি আছে এমন খাবার খেলে, শরীর সবল ও বাড়ে বল মেধার বিকাশ মেলে। প্রতিদিনই সবার উচিৎ সুষম আমিশ গ্রহণ, তবেই হবে শরীর বৃদ্ধি হবে ক্ষয়পূরণ। -নাহিদ হাসান কোয়ালিটি…

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”
– Dr Wayne Dyer

The first change is you! Turn your passion for change into action now.

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