Who are we?

A Women Led Non Profit Organization

Change Associates Ltd. is a women-led non-profit organization committed to actively educating and empowering readymade garment workers. Established in 2010, Change collaboratively works with manufacturing companies and apparel brands to design and implement workplace based programs aimed at building respectful work environments.

We promote long-term sustainable development by sharing our knowledge and expertise through designing customized training programmes to address specific needs of the clients.

Here at Change, we believe in creating synergy through cross-sector partnership that leads to continual development of the workers in the RMG sector.


To create an industry where worker well-being and a safe working place is ensured through win-win collaboration with all stakeholders, tailoring to specific needs. Change works as the catalyst to long-term sustainable programmes, resulting in an empowered industry, for years to come.


Equipping the Bangladesh RMG sector to create the best working experience and empowering the whole community to experience good health and well-being.


Integrity and Excellence are at our core. We remain true to our mission and work hard to provide high quality services and strategies.

We are Recognized by NGOsource

What is NGOsource?

NGOsource, a project of the Council on Foundations and TechSoup, helps U.S. grantmakers streamline their international giving. NGOsource simplifies the task of evaluating whether a non-U.S. organization is the equivalent of a U.S. public charity — a process known as equivalency determination or ED.

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Why Work With Change


  • Participatory approach that creates a win-win for management, workers and all stakeholders
  • Evidence-based programme design in accordance with the SDGs
  • Proven track record with 160+ factories
  • Cross-sector partnerships with major apparel brands, factories, NGOS, INGOs and foundations
  • Measurable impact for both management and workers
  • Engage with workers’ complete well being and livelihoods
  • Custom design of programmes
  • Trained 10,500+ peer educators
  • Levi’s Worker Well Being partner in Bangladesh
Peer Educator
Lives Impacted

What We Do

Our Areas of Work


Hygiene and menstruation, maternal and child health, family planning, STI and reproductive health, dietary diversity, adult nutrition. Click here to download more information.


Financial planning, budgeting, savings, wage digitization and usage of mobile money. Click here to download more information.


Communication, violence in relationships, building trust and confidentiality, stress management, power dynamics, creating enabling environments and facilitate access to services. Click here to download more information.


Tailor designed topics including healthcare service provision, nutrition, worker rights and responsibilities. Consultancy services provided include surveys and reporting for international organisations. Click here to download more information.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our work is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and use it as a framework for implementing our programmes. This ensures we are able to better collaborate with our partners and create sustainable change for our communities.

Our Projects
Strengthening Workers’ Access to Pertinent Nutrition Opportunities (SWAPNO)

Strengthening Workers’ Access to Pertinent Nutrition Opportunities (SWAPNO)

View Project


View Project


View Project


View Project
Improving Nutrition Status of Female RMG Workers and their Children

Improving Nutrition Status of Female RMG Workers and their Children

View Project
Worker Nutrition Training Project

Worker Nutrition Training Project

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At CHANGE, team members focus on a ‘WE’ philosophy that include creating remarkable experiences within the organization and with stakeholders.

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