Name: Shapla
ID: 524435
Designation: Operator

The Simple Act of Boiling Water


Shapla and her son came to Dhaka six years ago and she has been working in Apex Lingerie Ltd. Her husband is ill and lives in the village. She is a peer health educator of the HERhealth project and has completed the first training. She has learned a lot about personal hygiene and waterborne diseases. She confessed that she did not drink boiled water before the training.

Shapla shared that her apartment had been struck by misfortune and fifty of her neighbors with whom she shared an apartment, suffered from diarrhea. This happened because the sewage line of the neighboring building and the water line in Shapla’s apartment got mixed. The fifty patients were taken to the Mohakhali ICCDRB hospital and one of them died.  Fortunately, Shapla and her son were not affected by the disease because she started drinking boiled water after training one. She shared the messages of training one with other neighbors, but they did not pay any heed to her advises because of which they suffered from diarrhea too.
When she went to visit her neighbors in the hospital, the doctors asked her how she was the only one in the apartment who was not affected. She then shared that after the training one of the HERhealth project, she realized the importance of boiling water before drinking, for which she had been able to save herself and her son.

Due to this incident, she has realized the importance of the trainings and wants to complete all six trainings of the HERhealth project. She also thanked the HERhealth team for the trainings.