Name: Brishty Khatun

Designation: G.N.D.M.O

Card no: 185957

Brishty Learns the Importance of Financial Planning and Budgeting


Brishty used to live in a village with her family. She came to Dhaka and started working in Kazi Fashions Ltd. so that she could earn enough money to start a business of her own. She then received the opportunity of participating in the HERfinance project as a peer finance educator.

She learned how to open an account, how to withdraw money and how to send money from the trainings. Brishty shared that she would often cash out her entire salary on the payday. Nevertheless, after she participated in training two, which covered messages on financial planning and budgeting, she understood how to plan and budget her finances efficiently.

After participating in training two, Brishty shared its messages with her family. At first, her family members were reluctant to understand or follow the messages because they felt saving money or budgeting is useless. Brishty then shared how she understood from the trainings that, to be able to begin her own business, she needs to budget her finances properly and they should too. She also shared these messages with her neighbors and friends.

Brishty’s family finally understood the importance of financial planning and budget. They have agreed to begin making budgets. Brishty also shared she has developed a budget for this month and is already following it.