Name- Sumona Jannatul Soma


Deg- General Sewing Machine Operator

Section- Production

Sumona’s Life as a PFE


Sustainability plan and Exit meeting of HERfinance wage digitalization and financial literacy were held at The Civil Engineers Ltd on 29th October, 2019. In this meeting, one female peer finance educator named Sumona Jannatul Soma shared her experience.

Sumona has been working in this factory for the last two years. She came from Rangpur for her family’s financial crisis. She is a Peer Finance Educator (PFE) of HERfinance project. She received all the training. After receiving 1st training, She informed her husband about fraudulent phone calls, keeping PIN code secret, etc.

After that, she shared in 2nd refresher training that, she knew the benefits of mobile financial services like send money immediately, cash out when needed, keeping money secure in the account and more control over unnecessary cost.

Sumona trained less educated workers about function of mobile financial services like cash out process, send money, balance check etc. In the exit meeting, she happily shared that she maintains her monthly budget from the last nine months. She had better control over her finances, she can reduce her unnecessary expenses and save money for better future.

She also shared that she taught some other workers from other factory in her community who did not get HERfinance PFE training. One of her neighbor’s family faced difficulties because they did not know how to use MFS account. So, they often quarreled with each other regarding these financial issues. Sumona noticed that and trained them about uses of MFS account, budgeting, financial planning, savings and negotiation with family members about finance. Some days later, that couple thanked Sumona cordially and shared that they have no family crisis now. Sumona happily shared her this experience with others and also thanked the HERfinance team and factory management to give her the opportunity to receive these life skills training. Sumona shared that she is very proud to be a Peer Finance Educator.