Name: Shumi Akter
ID: 32367
Designation: Operator



Shumi has been working for the last six years as an operator for Medlar Apparels Ltd. Her husband too works in a factory and together they have a daughter who is a student of standard five. Shumi is from Barisal; she and her husband came to Dhaka to seek a better life and future for their daughter.

Shumi is a peer health educator (PHE) of the HERhealth project and has received five of its trainings. Prior to participating in the training, Shumi was not aware that water may contain so many germs, and not using sanitary napkins during menstruation may lead to many illnesses. After the trainings Shumi makes sure to boil water before drinking it and also uses sanitary napkins.

Shumi’s daughter did not like eating vegetables, but after Shumi received a handout on the benefits of eating vegetables and its importance to being healthy, she gave it to her daughter. She read it and has understood why we need to eat vegetables regularly. She eats vegetable regularly, developing a healthy eating habit.

Shumi has a neighbor who has a three year old son. Her son did not have a good appetite and did not want to eat. Shumi informed her neighbor of the trainings she received where she learned about the micronutrient powder. She learned the micronutrient powder helps to build a healthy appetite and fulfills the body’s vitamin requirements. Her neighbor listened to her and fed her child the micronutrient powder; now he eats properly and has a healthy appetite.

Shumi shared that she feels lucky to have been able to participate in the HERhealth project because it has taught her many things for a healthy lifestyle and has enabled her to help others as well.