Twenty-five years ago, Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) has lead the way to establish a comprehensive workplace code of conduct to ensure that basic labor rights and environmental standards. In 2011, Levi Strauss & Co. began piloting the next phase of its commitment to creating a more sustainable supply chain. Worker Well-being is a new approach to supply chain engagement that aims to improve the lives of the workers who make the products. LS&Co. believes that worker well-being initiatives can increase the quality of life of workers and translate the benefits of healthy and happy employees into meaningful business impacts. Worker Well-being takes a unique approach to addressing worker needs that starts with listening to workers. The initiative operates on the premise of the company partners with its suppliers and local organizations to implement programs focused on financial empowerment, health and family well-being, and equality and acceptance. Change Associates, founded in 2010, has awarded as WWB Champion and provided expertise support as “Technical Advisor” for Worker Well-being initiative in Bangladesh. Change Associates has started its’ journey with “Worker Well-being” initiative from 2018. Since then four Levi’s factories, two hundred and seventy peer educator and more than twelve thousands worker are impacted under worker well-being program. A new phase of Levi’s Worker Well-being has started in 2021, titled “Amra Pari”. The objective of “Amra Pari” is reinforcing worker initiative and strengthening management capacity in Levi’s selected factories in Bangladesh.