Change Associates Ltd (CHANGE) is a women-led non-profit organization committed to work for the empowerment of women and men through training and capacity development. Primarily, we support industries that have female as majority workforce and now our scope of work has extended in the community of these workers. We design and implement workplace and community based programs, develop curriculum, conduct various training and workshop to build a sustainable and healthy business and living environment. CHANGE has currently been given ED (Equivalency Determination) by the NGOsource.

Change Associates ltd’s journey started from 2010 by Founder and Chairperson – Nazneen C. Huq- with only two members working with her. Our humble expedition aiming to bring positive changes for women employed in RMG industry made headway when working with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) implementing HERproject in Bangladesh. At present, HERproject remains a significant part of CHANGE’s success. Levi Strauss Foundation, from our inception till date, continues to support and develop our organization that has further strengthened our foundation. Hence, CHANGE today stands as a promising company in the development sector with 28 individuals working in different projects but with same mission.