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Saving A Friend’s Life Through Maternal Education

Monowara is a 3rd year university student who has been working as a computer operator at Dada (Dhaka) Ltd. for the last four years. She is also a peer health educator of the HERhealth project and has received all the trainings.

Monowara shared the story of her friend Shathi. Before Shathi got married, she would frequently be infected with puss in her small intestine. After her marriage, when she conceived a child, she would often feel cold and have fever. In the eighth month, she experienced labor pain while she was in her village, and had to give birth without an experienced mid-wife. Unfortunately, Shathi’s baby did not survive and died after six hours. She bled a lot after the baby was born. She also had a seizure and fever. Although she was going through so much, none of her family members took her to a doctor and instead blamed her for the incident.

When Monowra went to visit her friend after her misfortune, she witnessed the situation and realized how her friend had been neglected and ignored. Then Monowara, against the wishes of Shathi’s family, took her to consult a doctor. The doctor treated Shathi for three days and diagnosed that Shathi has an infection in her vagina, which he later understood to be the long term effect of Shathi not getting treatment for the puss infection in her small intestine. The doctor informed them that if Shathi had received correct treatment during that time this misfortune would not have occurred. Shathi is getting treatment for her problems and is doing much better than before.

Monowara said that she is glad that she got the opportunity to be a part of the HERhealth project because she learned a lot about maternal health, which later helped her to save her friend. Shathi’s family did not know the importance of taking someone to the hospital if they have an early labor. If Monowara did not visit Shathi when she did, she would not have been able to take her to a doctor and diagnose the real problem and Shathi’s family too would have blamed her for the death of her child instead of understanding that she was ill. They have now realized their mistake and are taking good care of Shathi.