Maternal Education Empowering Families

Maternal Education Empowering Families

Morjena Akter has been living in Dhaka with her husband and children for the last five years. She moved to Dhaka because she was in need of work and now she and her husband work at the same factory. She is a peer health educator (PHE) and has completed three trainings of the HERhealth project.  She has already disseminated all the things she has learned to the female workers of her line.

Last month, while visiting her village, she got to that know her sister-in-law was six months pregnant and had not yet consulted any doctor. She thought this was very risky and discussed this matter with both her brother and sister-in-law and made them understand how important it is to consult a doctor at this period. She let them know of the five danger signs during pregnancy and that if an expecting mother does not visit a doctor she might fall victim to any of these five dangers. On the next day, she took both the expecting parents to the nearest hospital. After visiting the doctor and doing some tests, it was discovered that the baby was not in the correct position, so the doctor advised them to see a doctor every month and also that the baby should be delivered in a hospital. Now, both the parents are more aware of what they should be doing during this period and they thanked Morjena for her invaluable input to save the expecting mother and child. Morjena shared that she learned all these messages from the HERhealth project trainings in her factory and also that she is a PHE.

Morjena shared, “If I did not participate in training three of the project, I will not have been able to help my sister-in-law in her critical condition. I am glad I could share the messages of the trainings with her and I want to thank the HERhealth team for this initiative.”

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