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An abuser – then and now

Shakib Khan used to be an abuser at home. He had a bad reputation in his own family. He thought it was fun teasing girls in the street with his friends. He had no idea that that he was doing all kinds of violence till he attended HERrespect training. He realized how his reputation and relationship with family was tinted because of his ignorance and bad habits. He is trying to mend his behavior specially by helping his wife in her work whenever he can. He does not join his friends to tease girls on the road anymore. He confessed to the kinds of violence he committed before but he is trying to change himself slowly. What is more, he is also trying to change his friends positively from these bad habits.

Shakib Khan

Out of shell

Shahin Islam is one of the regular male worker trainees of a Bangladesh garment factory. From the very first training he was an attentive participant but he was very shy. During training 5, he started talking and sharing his experience about life in family as well as factory after HERrespect training. He confessed that he used to misbehave with his wife and he thought it is all right. Beating wife was believed to be normal as well for him. He realized how wrong he was after he got training from Change’s team. He considered his behavior was a sin towards his wife and these days he is working on his relation with her. According to Shahin, this is the starting. As a change maker he thinks he can also influence other husbands as well who are perpetrators like he was before.

Md. Shahin Islam
Packing Helper

Dealing with anger

HERrespect training has been incredibly useful in my life. At present, I can understand the women’s importance in the family as well as in the factory. I was very ill-tempered and would become angry for simple reason. Nowadays, when I tend to be angry, I remind myself of the training. I have noticed the impact in my own life. I used to hit my wife for simple reasons even when she would be late in cooking. But now I don’t do that. I try to understand her situation and would rather talk to her if I have any problem.

Quality Controller

স্বাস্থ্য সচেতনতা (কবিতা)

স্বাস্থ্য নিয়ে বলবো কি আর
স্বাস্থ্য সুখের মূল,
সুস্বাস্থ্যবান যদি হতে চান
খাদ্য হোক নির্ভুল।
পুষ্টি এবং অনুপুষ্টিযুক্ত
খাবার খাই,
ভিটামিনযুক্ত খাবার খেলে
হবেনা রোগবালাই।
শর্করা ও চর্বি আছে
এমন খাবার খেলে,
শরীর সবল ও বাড়ে বল
মেধার বিকাশ মেলে।
প্রতিদিনই সবার উচিৎ
সুষম আমিশ গ্রহণ,
তবেই হবে শরীর বৃদ্ধি
হবে ক্ষয়পূরণ।

-নাহিদ হাসান
কোয়ালিটি ইন্সপেক্টর

মাতৃ সচেতনতা (কবিতা)

রহিমুদ্দির একটি মেয়ে পনের বছর তার,
বাল্যকালে হল বিয়ে স্বামী ও সংসার।
হঠাৎ করে ভুল করে সে ময়না নামের খুকি,
স্বামীর ভয়ে নিয়ে বসে বাচ্চা নেয়ার ঝুঁকি।
ময়না তখন খুব অসুখে শরীর ভেঙ্গে কাবু,
তার উপরে দারিদ্রতায় খাচ্ছে হাবুডুবু।
অন্ত:সত্ত্বা এ মেয়েটি যদিও এখন মা,
গর্ভকালে সময়মতো পুষ্টি সে পায় না।
অবশেষে প্রসবকালে ভ্যানগাড়ীতে চড়ে,
খুব সাধনার নবজাতক ফিরলো না আর ঘরে।
তাইতো বলি হও সচেতন গভৃকালীন মা,
নইলে বিপদ যেমন এরূপ, দু:খিনি ময়না।

– নাহিদ
কোয়ালিটি ইন্সপেক্টর

Saving a life

Shahnoor is an active and a very responsible PHE (peer health educator). But she cannot read or write as she did not go to school. Shahnoor decided to learn Bangla reading and writing from her educated neighbor. So that she can read the handouts given in the training. She pays 500 taka every month to her new tutor. Finally, she is able to read the handouts which have impacted her life immensely. She said ‘Apa now I can read and write. The knowledge was so important for me. I learnt so many new things from the food and nutrition topic. Now I read it before I decide what to cook for meal. I have learnt how I can maintain nutrition that is low cost. That’s why I want to thank, from the core of my heart to CHANGE team and our factory & Brand (Li & Fung) also.’’


How Peer Health Education Changed Dipa’s Life

Dipa is a PHE (Peer Health Educator) of HERhealth project. After training 5, Dipa disseminated learning about serious illness and reproductive and cervical cancer to other female workers. While showing how to do breast examination she found one of her colleague- Roksana to feel something painful in her breast. After talking to her, Dipa realized her symptoms was serious and immediately took her to factory doctor. The doctor referred her to the nearby hospital for several tests and start treatment as soon as possible. Roksana is said to be under treatment in the right time. This case was a good awareness learning for other workers as well.

Quality Inspector